World 3 model in Stella format

Hello everyone,
Does anyone have a copy of WORLD 3 in Stella?
We are looking for one for the SD Summer School.

The one we have is a translation from Vensim and is frankly, a mess.

FYI only. I am no expert, but this Web-based SD Modelling Software called Insightmaker
has in its webpage a World3 Model.

I tried searching for it in ISEE Systems, where they also have Web-based Renditions, but none So far:

and this one is a Javascript version:

There are other models, but they cannot be accessed on a browser.

World2 and 3 were rendered in Python.
World3 was rendered in OpenModelica.

Hope this data helps. I understand these things only in a Library gathering research level.

This too. The Guide for Converting other Models like Vensim to Stella:

Thank you.
We did the Vensim to Stella conversion. The results were not ideal.
Nevertheless, we now have a copy.