Winter Simulation Conference 2023

Does anyone plan to go to this year? I am debating about going since I live within driving distance (3 hrs).

I have never been but it looks interesting.
I will look into attending.

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If you are that close definitely go. I was always tempted to go when it was, I think, always held in Hawaii?:wink:. But never did.

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I have attended ones in Savannah, Georgia and Huntington Beach, California and a virtual one.

Fun fact: I originally wanted to do my PhD in discrete-event simulation (DES). My team used DES for our senior undergrad project. However, Professor Konrad said that she would not pass me if I did because there wasn’t anything worth a PhD left to do. I am paraphrasing. She said this in a very polite way.

She told me to go talk to the WPI SD professors and students and learn more methods.

I plan to go. Please let me know if you plan to attend too. We can get lunch or dinner! :smiley:

I’ve been to WinterSim a few times, and really enjoyed it. I would definitely recommend going! Tim Clancy, Nacho Martinez-Moyano, and I submitted a poster abstract this year - I think Tim and/or Nacho might be going.

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