Software to create circular flow maps?


I am writing a paper about Australia’s monetary system and I wish to include circular flow diagrams to help explain to the reader how money (payments) flows through the economy. I have looked through lots of SD papers, how to guides and other resources but have not found a software that does what I want. Can anyone please suggest something? For this paper I am not looking to create causal loop diagrams.

As this is my first post I am restricted to attach one image, otherwise I would have posted a series of iterations of my map. The map starts off with just the ‘Settlers’, the ‘Commissariat’ and the ‘Convicts’. My plan is to build up the map from here (the attached picture captures a quarter of the entire map). But rather than doing this on Powerpoint, I am hoping there is a software that will allow me to add new variables and descriptions of different flows without having to change all of my formatting as I would on Powerpoint.

Many thanks

I suggest using the free version of Vensim: Vensim PLE (unless this work is for commercial work). This would also allow you to make quantified models.

Web based alternatives are “cauzality”

or insight maker which would also allow you to make quantified models.

If you need to also label the arrows you can use comments in Vensim. Not sure about the other two.

I tend to use vensim or stella or It can also be done in powerpoint, but that is a lot harder.

Please note that this Society Seminar series workshop next week will include a tutorial on using Vensim for causal mapping. You may find this very helpful to attend.