SDS 's 10% on fees charged by practitionners recommended to the eventually interested client

What do SDS members think about this initiative? JJ

Is there more to this proposal?

Which proposal? I just wanted to know the SDS members opinion about the SDS proposal to eventual practitionners?

If I understood this statement, the SDS proposes that practitioners add a 10% fee when billing clients. Is this amount then used to support the SDS?

Since I am a practitioner I know that firms are of vastly different sizes and charge vastly different rates. Firms also differ in their fixed and variable costs.

Many firms already support the Society and the field by contributing a conference sponsorship, Society sponsorship, scholarships, and mentoring time, volunteer time, and possibly more.

I would like to know more.

Hi everybody.
I should have better explained my question. The proposal of the SDS to help practitioners to find clients but getting in return a 10% from the fees charged by the practitioner may generate different reactions from members: what do they think about this initiative, what is the purpose etc…
Whether the practitioner adds the 10% to his ordinary fees or not is his problem. I imagine too that the 10% fees are used to aliment the income of the society and are used in different ways.
I just want to trigger some reflections about this initiative. It has triggered some ideas on my side too and I wanted to know the average reaction from members.

Again, do you care to explain more about the specifics?

Which specifics? I have no specifics; I just want to know if the SDS proposal generates any reaction from the SDS members. If there is no reaction, then there is no reaction; A reaction may be about some specifics, why not. But I prefer to keep the anwer open to any specifics. JJ

Well, as you opened the question, perhaps you might describe what the SDS provided for the fee?

The SDS provides a contact to an eventual practitioner or teaching solution. I do not know if there is any other service provided by the SDS for the 10% of the fees. The SDS may precise the ventual additionnal service. But it is not specifed in the SDS web site. JJ

Eliot, here is the link to the topic: Talent Registration Form

I’ve always been curious about referral fees. One question that comes to mind is what happens when a prospect asks SDS, INFORMS, and SIAM who would be a good system dynamicist (triangulation can be a good thing). Suppose they all pointed to Chris Cousins (made-up name) as the right person for the job. Who gets credit for the referral? Does Chris owe 10% to all three organizations? If Chris was a member of INFORMS and talked long and hard about her problem with an INFORMS colleague and simply used SIAM and SDS to double-check the referral, does she only owe INFORMS their due (perhaps $0)–or should the rate drop to 5% or 2.5% for the double-check?

If Chris observes this dynamic several times, are she and her colleagues increasingly likely to align with INFORMS to get free referrals instead of the SDS?

I dunno. Anyone want to build a model?