SD software, arrays and multipule flows from stock

I have been using Insightmake, but it does not support arrays. I have created a model that has classes of the same type. There are 11 stocks that are same type but different groups. Think of wealth inequality and the wealth percentiles. They all represent wealth with different levels.
The problem is I use Linux and retired. platform and cost.
I have tried Anylogic but arrays come with the paid version.
Vensim and stella run on Windows and Mac, no Linux support. I have tried to run in wine.
Any body know of other software that I could use?

From one stock many out flows to all same type of stock. Again I think I need arrays.
I have the data already, I need good software.



if i was very fluent with a common language like C or R or Julia, or anything else, i would try them. Software do not make miracles and it is always the quality of the work that makes the difference before the tool.


Software packages make it possible to build models very quickly. Unfortunately this facility makes it easy to build a rather big and complex model in a rather short time and once the model is built, nobody really understands it. Today building models is easy but understanding them stays difficult. As R. G. Coyle said: the key to successful modeling is to keep one’s understanding of the model and what it says about the problem ahead of its size. Something that seems very rare today.

Thanks, I understand wealth inequality very well, The two arch types define how it is happening. “Success to the successful” has the rich making more money than the rest and “Tragedy of the Commons” is eating away other peoples wealth. When ever the rich wealth grows faster than GDP, that takes away from the rest. There three stocks and 5 flows in the basic model. The wealth stock is divided into wealth class, The Expense, Income and tax flows are also divided by wealth class. The flows of Government transfers and government spending are simple flows.
Looking at the economy this way, the debt is caused by income inequality. With out debt, the wealth of the middle class and poor would diminish faster.

iMODELER uses cloning instead of arrays - I can offer you a free version.

Insight Maker actually has extensive support for arrays (called Vectors in Insight Maker).

You can learn more here:

And also here:

Sorry for the late reply.
The major tools all have arrays but do not run in Linux.
There are free versions but not all of them have array capability.
Check out Vensim PLE, Powersim Express, Stella Architect Trial, and AnyLogic.
Some will let you array a single outflow. Others will require multiple flows.

More importantly is the management of the multiple flows.
Your outflows should not exceed the amount in the stock with any sum of all the flows in any time step.
Another way to say this is that the percent of the stock emptied cannot exceed 100% in any time step.

I looked at your diagram and that is not clear to me.

Three remarks:

If the rich wealth grows more than the GDP, it takes from the rest.
Not necessarily: it depends it the rich wealth growth is due to a better management of its resources than the whole economy’s or not.

About the income inequality generating the debt, the USSR ran into bankruptcy and there was supposed to be there less income inequality.

Isinght maker is limited to two subscipts in its arrays.
It can be limitating with some applications.