Proposed Bylaw Changes

The Policy Council is recommending changes to the Bylaws of the System Dynamics Society. This topic can be used to ask questions about and discuss those changes. All members of the Society are welcome to participate.

All members will be receiving an email with information on the proposed changes - more to follow.

I read the proposed materials but did not see the specific reference to the membership as subscription issue in the Bylaws. There is a reference to XVIII and then a mention of Policies.

I am assuming that the new membership term will be one year from the paid membership date, i.e. paid on March 31, 2022 - member until March 30, 2023, and not by calendar year or portion thereof.

That may or may not be the Policy adopted. I would like it to be.

Indeed the rolling membership is the intended change. This will be done as a Policy Change. The change in the Bylaws is to allow this Policy change to be made - but also allows different variations such as multiyear memberships if we decide to pursue those in the future.


What you are hoping for is exactly what is attended. Whenever you join, you are a member for one year. We are no longer going to be on an annual basis.