MS excel template to create system dynamics model?

Can anybody share a template to create models in excel? For a savvy excel guru should not be a problem - happy to pay if the model is good and I can use it

If there was a template to create a model in Excel, there would be too a template to create a model with Vensim, I Think or Powersim, something that does not exist!
It is possible to translate a model written with Vensim into an Excel VBA program, even if it is not very easy to do, especially if the model is complex. The utility of doing this is that it is then possible to publish the model on the web very easily. Something that I am presently doing, associated with a powerpoint applicatiion.

Excel may be able to build system dynamics-like models, but what a nightmare!
I recall at least two SD tool vendors that produced documents as to why Excel is a poor choice for system dynamics modeling. Issues like methodology, transparency, the ability to handle time, dimensional integrity (units) are quite difficult in Excel.
There are free versions of SD software that enforce the methodology and still permit some extra-methodological extensions. If you are unaware of these tools let us know.