IS there such a thing as SD Models Pedia

All the SD models in the World, can we gather them and group them
in a Pedia. Like Stencils in a Microsoft Visio Software.

I imagine, even if they cannot be directly modular to creating a bigger Model,
You can still Jigsaw them to have an incredible understanding of the World.

Qualitatively, you can already see many possibilities,
if they can be Stencilled into a Microsoft Visio Software, or a Smartdraw.

and we let the ones in the know, worry about which ones are modular.

Just a Suggestion.

I am not sure about connecting them together. that would be really hard, but there have been efforts afoot to gather models together in a searchable and downloadable database (for free and/or for sale). And the Society has it on a list to consider. At this time, we would need volunteers to take this on. If you are interested in developing and leading a team to explore this, we would be willing to accommodate. You can fill out a volunteer form here: Volunteer Signup Form

Otherwise, you can set up a 30 minute meeting with me next week to discuss your vision (ideally two weeks from now) so that we can try to better understand it as we consider new projects.


I have nothing in mind actually.
Just Library Gathering.
Thank you for the Offer.
I might take it up someday.

There is a un-official idea out there in System Dynamics that there are General Models. (maybe 20 lets say, just a guess) Predator Pray Models are used to model many things not just Sharks eating fish, the Goodwin Growth Cycle Model is a predator pray model at its core. Or Compartmental Models, which are mutually exclusive stocks. SIR models, supply chain models and so on. As for integrating all the major models to make one large model you are right. Not realistic. (computing power not doing that on a laptop lol) As for finding every model ever made from dynamo models back in that day to present that would be a challenge.