Health Care Policy Development for State Level

Dear Respected Fellows

My name is Ali Durrani my background is in the sustainability/energy/climate change area and now I want to enter the Public Health sector and develop a CLD and SFD for (Community & State level) for a state in the US. I would like if anyone can guide me / connect with people who have already developed models (CLD+SFD) and understand the system. suggest books, blogs, articles, workbooks, interview patterns, etc any resources will be highly appreciated.
Ali Durrani

Dear Ali,

I would recommend the following two options, both of which are a free.

The first is the Climate Interactive Ambassador Program. It is free training to prepare people to use their En-ROADs Climate Policy Model, but it includes a lot of background and examples of causal maps and other systems tools that you may find useful. You can find this program here: En-ROADS Climate Ambassadors

There is also a free MOOC by University of Bergen that is related and you will likely find it very useful to your efforts. I am not sure when the next course is, but you can check here: Natural Resources Management Course MOOC UiB - System Dynamics Society

There are many other resources available. You may find some in the Online Course Catalog: System Dynamics Society - Resources | Online Courses List.

You might also be able to search to find causal loop examples and learning materials at

Warm regards,

Rebecca Niles

Dear Rebecca,

Thank you so very much for responding and sharing the information and links.
Yes, inspired by the En-ROADS work, I selected my master’s research topic area and worked on studying the dynamics of nuclear energy growth in the energy sector of Pakistan and formulated a CLD and SFD evaluating the energy growth plans, etc and assessing them against the sustainability pillars such as economics, environmental and social aspects.

Link to my work : Eng | Free Full-Text | Analysis of Electric Power Generation Growth in Pakistan: Falling into the Vicious Cycle of Coal

However, I now want to explore the health sector in which I found a course “Systems thinking in Public health” by johns Hopkins (Will enroll ) and will also look for other courses as well. Thank you so very much for the guidance.
Ali Durrani