COVID-19 Simulation Models and Other Resources

I am moving the COVID-19 News and Resources section of the Weekly WPI System Dynamics Digest here to reduce the size of the digest and focus on just new/upcoming material in that. [Note: Some of the examples below are not of system dynamics models.]

Hi Everybody,

I am new to the Systems Dynamics Scoiety. I am doing research as part of my PhD that uses a hybrid ‘Community Action Design Research’ to get up close to the phenomenon of crisis or turbulence in a socio-material environment. My research instruments sense and respond to fractal patterns in the built, human and socio-ecological environment. In turn, I use an IS design science and systems thinking lens to monitor and control the enactments of pro-social behavior being generated in response to the turbulence within the environment.

If you would like to chat please let me know.


Data: OPTIC-Vetted Policy Data Sets | RAND

SIAM Task Force Report on Future Research Directions for NSF in the Era of COVID-19

System Dynamics Helps to Tackle COVID
from the UK Chapter of the System Dynamics Society’s 2021 Winter Newsletter

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Navid Ghaffarzadegan published “Simulation-based what-if analysis for controlling the spread of Covid-19 in universities”

Alberto Stanislao Atzori, Busra Atamer, and Antonio Gallo’s “The Dairy Herd Model: Opportunities From the SMART-ET COVID 19 Project” presentation

NC State University’s COVID-19 Research

  • The Joint Impact of COVID-19 Vaccination and Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions on Infections, Hospitalizations, and Mortality: An Agent-Based Simulation

  • Presentation of the model to be uploaded

Video presentations: