Motion 1021 - Stewardship

The proposal and activity plan for the Stewardship committee is most welcome. It augurs a longer term model for our operational stability and growth.

I do want to encourage the committee to consider slowing its upfront cash expenditures. In the proposed budget, we will have exhausted the approximately $30K in-hand Legacy Fund balance by the end of the 2021. The Stewardship Committee has committed to replacing this seed funding in the second half of 2021 continue that effort during 2022.

If that goal is not reached, we will have to consider funding additional efforts out of operations. Thus, I suggest that less be spent in 2021, and give the Committee has a little more cushion into the first half of next year. Perhaps some of the contractor payments can be contingent on having pledges for cash?
We can review the progress of the effort as part of the regular budget cycle in the Fall.

These thoughts have not been endorsed by the Finance Committee.

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