How can we improve our new website?

So far, I have not seen any published version (e.g. PDF) that has not very clear copyright statements? In a new, fixed release of the Business Simulation Library that I have written, I have simply removed the broken link in the References section now. I will probably take the time and add links to Jim Hine’s website (note, that there is also a secure link where appropriate.

I wonder if the site is working properly; I posted a reply that does not appear and I got a mail notification from discuss that said that there was a bug somewhere and could not seen Guido’s reply. JJ

I can see both your and Guido’s posts. If you could please forward the email that you received to, we will look into it. We are working to resolve the above and will try to alert you when it is complete.


i received the following post from

Message non distribué

Un problème temporaire est survenu lors de la distribution de votre message à D’autres tentatives vont être effectuées pendant 47 heures. Vous recevrez une notification si l’échec est permanent.
La réponse était :

The recipient server did not accept our requests to connect. Learn more at [ timed out]



Excellent move to this new more interactive communication. Though I loved the old SD mailing list and forum via Ventana (would be great to connect to these on the website - or haven’t I just not seen it?)


How can I get acces to the System Dynamics review? At the beggining I was able just by clickling in the link once a Log In in the SD society page. But now, wiley library is always asking me to purchase the articles form the SD review.